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Beijing Eastern Bell Technology Group It was established on June 28, 2000.
At the beginning of its establishment, the company took "caring for life and healthy development" as its development vision, always adhering to the purpose of "leading innovation and professional focus", and committed to modern agricultural technology services.
Since its establishment for 22 years, the company has established a core management team and a professional technology R&D and service team, and has cooperated with China Agricultural University, South China Agricultural University and other scientific research institutions and experts and professors in an all-round way to introduce, digest, absorb, promote and apply foreign technologies and products, and continue to localize.
Since its establishment 22 years ago, the company has built a strong international cooperation network platform. We have successively established stable cooperative relations with 19 companies from 12 countries, including the Netherlands, Spain, Malaysia, Italy, Germany, France, New Zealand, Israel, the United States, Canada, etc., signed long-term China General Representative Agreement, continued international cooperation and exchange, introduced foreign advanced technology and high-quality products, and trained professional talents.
Since its establishment 22 years ago, the company has established its market position in the industry, established a comprehensive service mechanism with the milk source bases and large-scale ranches of domestic large and medium-sized dairy enterprises, and also set up regional managers and multiple dealers in major breeding areas across the country to serve small and medium-sized ranches, and the service sales market is all over the country.
Based on the current situation of the industry and looking into the future of the industry, Eastern bell focuses on high-tech, efficient and cost-effective intelligent and accurate services in the fields of dairy cows, beef cattle, milk goats, meat sheep, pigs, donkeys and other industries. In the three breeding fields of dairy cattle, beef cattle and sheep, ten management solutions for dairy cattle breeding, integrated data management solution for sheep farm and intelligent management system for beef cattle have been formed respectively. Build an information management platform, upload intelligent collection and accurate data, realize the integration of software and hardware, provide a complete set of solutions for digital ranching, and help China's animal husbandry develop healthily in the direction of standardization, scale, integration and intelligence.
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Development history


Company honor

  • 2022年关鸣董事长荣获“优秀奶业工作者”
  • 2019年授予国家奶牛金钥匙杰出合作伙伴奖
  • 2018年关鸣总经理荣获“优秀奶业工作者”
  • 2016年授予国家奶牛金钥匙技术服务专家
  • 2016年授予国家奶牛金钥匙技术支持单位
  • 2016年列入中国农垦乳业联盟战略合作伙伴
  • 2016年授予中关村示范区信用五星级企业
  • 2015年成为中荷奶业发展中心合作伙伴,并获得中心监委会和执委会席位
  • 2014年列为国家奶牛产业技术体系联盟成员
  • 2013年中国最具成长魅力企业30强
  • 2011年度关鸣总经理荣获“2010年中国企业十大女性卓越管理创新奖”(发表的文章)
  • 2011年行业授予社会责任评价最高等级“A级”
  • 2009年获得中国技术市场金桥奖二等奖
  • 2007年承担公益性行业(农业)科研专项经费子课题 (饲料营养制定)
  • 2007年承担“十一五” 国家科技支撑计划中奶业发展重大关键技术研究与示范项目
  • 2007年6月北京市科委将我公司的“奶牛养殖标准化体系导入”列入北京市技术转移平台项目
  • 2006年列入北京市科委“企业创新应用自主知识产权高新技术产品与技术标准试点”项目
  • 2005年列入国家级“星火计划”项目
  • 2002年列入国家级“重大新产品计划”
  • 2001年获得丰台区“科技进步一等奖”

Corporate culture

  • 年会特刊                         风雨同舟二十载,相亲相爱联鸣人
    年会特刊 风雨同舟二十载,相亲相爱联鸣人