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Beijing Eastern Bell Technology Group It has been established for 22 years. With the development vision of "caring for life and healthy development", it always adheres to the purpose of "leading innovation and professional focus" and is committed to modern agricultural technology services.
It focuses on high-tech, intelligent and precise services in the fields of ruminant cows, beef cattle, sheep, etc.
In the field of ruminant breeding, ten management solutions for dairy cattle breeding, integrated data management solutions for sheep farms, and intelligent management systems for beef cattle have been formed respectively to help the healthy and sustainable development of China's animal husbandry.

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Eastern Bell won an exclusive interview with Dairy Times on the Eastern Bell won an exclusive interview with Dairy Times on the "5G+" system

From September 5 to 7, 2022, "The 13th China Dairy Conference 2022 Top 20 Dairy (D20) Summit and 2022 China Dairy Exhibition" was held in Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center, Jinan, Shandong Province. In this exhibition, the four systems of vision system, monitoring system, diagnosis system and identification system developed by Eastern Bell around the "Focus on 5G+Smart Animal Husbandry" attracted many experts and media, and aroused strong resonance among industry colleagues.

  • 202208-18
    Eastern Bell Appears at China Sheep Industry Conference in Baotou: Accumulate strength and thin hair to help scale sheep farms improve quality efficiently

    On August 14-16, 2022, the 18th China Sheep Industry Development Conference hosted by the Sheep Branch of China Animal Husbandry Association was grandly held in Baotou, Inner Mongolia. The conference discussed the development of sheep industry, the change of consumer model and demand, the business operation and development plan, and discussed the development and overcoming difficulties together. As a director unit of the sheep industry branch of the Animal Husbandry Association, Dongfang Lianming actively participated in this grand meeting and had in-depth exchanges with sheep industry colleagues from all over the world.

  • 202207-24
    Full harvest! Dongfang Lianming made an amazing appearance at the ruminant conference in Tianjin

    From July 21 to 23, 2022, the "Fourth Ruminant Conference and 2022 Scale Pasture Sustainable Development Summit Forum" was successfully held in the Social Mountain International Conference Center Hotel, Xiqing District, Tianjin. As an invited guest, Dongfang Lianming brought three kinds of intelligent equipment and integrated software and hardware solutions including cows, beef cattle and sheep to the booth, attracting a large number of customers to watch.

  • 202207-11
    Live broadcast review | How to reduce heat stress through glucose precursor?

    This article mainly explains how to reduce heat stress through glucose precursor: First, the effect of heat stress on cows; Second, how to reduce heat stress; Third, the action mechanism of glucose precursor.